India Community Foundation (ICF) is a non-profit organization, established in 1968, with a mission to promote cultural, religious and educational knowledge about India and their significance to all communities in Kenctucky.

ICF is dedicated to serving the people in greater Louisville area. To ensure this, ICF has two teams, the executive committee and the board of trustees. Both the members of the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees are volunteer members of this community who have resolved to serve the Indian community in Kentuckiana region. For the organization to thrive and grow we seek your active participation, and strongly encourage you to become members of this association. Visit membership for benefits of being an ICF member.

Even though we are thousands of miles away from India, for those of us who grew up in India, we still harbor strong nostalgic memories of our days in India, and for those of us who were born and brought up here, we still find ourselves someway connected to our ancestral roots in India. Retaining and promoting the rich Indian culture heritage, which is an envy of rest of the world, should be a matter of pride and happiness for us all. Your membership in ICF will help foster good Indian values in our kids, through cultural programs, and bring greater awareness of our role in this society.

One thing that binds us all together is our common association and our bond with India. Let us all come together to help those in need in anyway we can, both here and in India. I am confident that together we can make a difference for this community and our kids, and also, together we can have fun along the way .

Please let any member of ICF Board know if there is anyway we could assist you, or if you would like to volunteer for ICF


Diwali Celebration
Duration : 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Venue : Swaminarayan Temple,
9948 Bunsen Way, Louisville, KY 40299
Details : Click here

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Our Mission
  • Serve the Indian community in the Louisville and greater Kentukiana region
  • Organize regular programs and cultural events
  • Promote fraternity, understanding and comradeship between the members and the local community.

Membership Benefits
  • Stay connected with the community
  • No charge to participate in ICF cultural events
  • Free Admission to some ICF events
  • Discounted registration fees for ICF sports events
  • Discounts at various places. Click here for more details

Our Goals for 2014
  • Greater involvement of Youth in ICF
  • Successfully organize ICF events
  • .Make the go to place for all Indians in Kentuckiana region